Cold Weather is Coming…

As the leaves are finishing their final fall to the ground, we’ve been teased by a
brief snowfall. Gray days and chilly temperatures pepper the week.
Many turn their thoughts to the upcoming holiday, at Handicapped Vehicle
Services our thoughts right now; are about winterizing our customer’s accessible
vehicles and protective maintenance.

Seasonal service insures your wheelchair van, ramp or lift properly functions in
cold temperatures. Even manual equipment needs attention for ease of use. Our
technicians are trained by BraunAbility, and certified to provide excellent care for
your van or conversion.

Let’s take a look at what you need to prepare for winter weather:

Check your battery – cold weather is hard on all battery’s, but particularly hard
on those in accessible vans. The extra power used for power lifts, ramps and
doors needs to be in tip top condition.

Winterize your van – make sure wiper blades are in good condition (summer heat
can cause the rubber to pull away), see that all fluids are topped off or changed if
it’s time, and check your tires!

Emergency kits – you never expect to become stranded but being prepared eases
any concern. Prepare a “kit” that includes a cell phone charger, hand warmers,
blankets, water, non perishable snacks and a flashlight. This is particularly
important for a caregiver’s peace of mind (we think the world of caregivers).

Make an appointment to winterize your van with our service department online
at or (918) 622-8400 - we are the experts that care about you and
your accessible vehicle.

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