Get on the Road to Freedom

Life is full of twists and turns.  Occasionally an event occurs that is life changing, an accident, an illness, a child with a special need. It can be overwhelming to cope with changes, becoming educated, making financial decisions and just functioning in general while caring for a loved one.

Often we meet customers that have navigated these twists and turns, now they are ready for some independence or just a change of scenery. An accessible vehicle (wheelchair van) can provide this.  These vehicles allow a caregiver to transport individuals confined to a wheelchair easily and comfortably.

With more than 28 years’ experience in this industry, our consultants are compassionate and understanding of your needs. We understand every situation is different as is every BUDGET.  Not everyone needs a brand new van. Our USED vehicle department offers reliable clean vans, serviced onsite, that are very AFFORDABLE.Handicapped Vehicles Services is the largest stocking dealer of lowered floor accessible vans in the Southwest and our goal is to offer vehicles for your BUDGET!

Our inventory is updated weekly, view all of our wheelchair accessible vehicles, and find one that will match your needs. Feel free to contact us directly (918) 855-8500 and speak with Saxon Moore

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