Welcome 2019 and all that the New Year brings.

Often a brand new year inspires improvement, change, commitment or something new!
All of us at Handicapped Vehicles Services continue to be inspired by our customers, their desire for improved lifestyles, embracing physical challenges or a family’s commitment to a loved one.

With every new year we meet a proud veteran, parents of a child with physical limitations or someone with a diagnosis that they will battle vigilantly. Each of these people make us want to be better at our job, continue to show compassionate care, share our understanding of what they are feeling and be supportive of each person that wants or desires mobility.

Handicapped Vehicle Services Unlimited is the largest accessible vehicle dealer in the Southwest. With almost thirty years’ experience in the mobility industry we ARE the experts.

If 2019 is the year you or your loved one wants to experience the freedom of mobility once again, we are here to guide you. We provide one-on-one consultations in our BraunAbility showroom or your home. We offer accessible vans for every budget, and we will share financing options should you need them.
If making a purchase isn’t something you have considered yet perhaps browsing through our online inventory at www.hvsu.com will show you how affordable wheelchair vans can be.

Making new friends and meeting new customers in the coming year is what we look forward to; in return you will receive a long term friendship and partnership from us. For more information, simply call (918) 855-8500.
HAPPY NEW YEAR from your friends here in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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