May is National Mobility Awareness Month

Did you know that 74% of people have seen a handicap accessible parking space being used improperly?  42% of people do not know the stripes represent space to deploy a wheelchair ramp. 75% of able-bodied people said if a car parked too close to them, they would use another door or window to climb in. Wheelchair users do not have that option (statistics from 2018 Save My Spot survey).

We understand many disabilities are not obvious, but when they are obvious its helpful to be respectful (and teach others to be) of “responsible parking” around wheelchair accessible vehicle spaces.

Wherever there are multiple handicap parking spaces, 1 of 6 must be van accessible…the ONE WITH THE STRIPES. Even if you have a handicap parking placard, please don’t use this space if you are not using a wheelchair ramp or lift.  This is the space that allows someone in a wheelchair to safely enter or exit his or her vehicle.

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