The need for an accessible vehicle is new to you, what’s next?

Whether an injury or illness have dictated your need to use a wheelchair, you probably will not want to be confined to home or healthcare facility. Perhaps you are the parent of a disabled child, you will want your kiddo to be able to have experiences in a multitude of environments. We understand your desire for mobility.

You have made the first step by visiting Handicapped Vehicle Services website, we are a certified NMEDA (National Mobility Equipment Dealer Association) equipment dealer. We are ready to assist and evaluate the individual needs based on your specific situation. This includes how your needs may change over time.

If you desire to DRIVE a wheelchair conversion van, truck or car, you may need to see a Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist for evaluation. This will result in a “prescription” of sorts that will list the precise equipment you will need. We can assist you with making this appointment.

If you are a PARENT of a CHILD we will explore your daily transportation needs, will this be the primary family vehicle, will additional caregivers be transporting your child, does your child need constant supervision (to determine access from the driver seat or front passenger seat).

Age is also important when evaluating needs, your child may out grow their present wheelchair and need more room in time, an older adult may need more comfort and proximity to personal items when on the road.

We have designated several accessible vans that may be rented by the hour or day. We want you to “try it before you buy it”. This also helps us determine which direction to go when choosing YOUR new form of mobility AKA freedom!

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