Summer is nearly upon us! Travel plans begin to form and having family and friends close at hand is a priority. When one or more of your loved ones has a need for a handicap accessible vehicle, how do you know you’re securing a product or service that will meet all of your needs? Wheelchair Van Rentals are a fantastic way to get family or friends to and from any holiday gatherings. At Handicap Vehicle Services Unlimited (HVSU) of Oklahoma you can find accessible van rentals near you just in time for upcoming summer events!

Haven’t rented a wheelchair accessible van before? Give HVSU a call and we’ll help determine if our wheelchair accessible van rentals will work for you. Before you call there are a few bits of information that will help our experienced staff assist you:

1. Know what kind of power wheelchair, manual wheelchair, or scooter is going to be used.

  • Measure the widest points on the device; this is usually the main wheels-make sure to include the handrails on the wheels of a manual chair.
  • Measure how tall the individual sits on their device; you will want to measure from the ground to the top of their head, or the highest point on their device.

2. Will the individual utilizing the power or manual wheelchair be riding in the wheelchair or will they transfer to a seat once inside the vehicle?

  • Our accessible rentals will allow for the individual who is using a power or manual wheelchair to ride in the vehicle without having to transfer to a seat. 
    *If the individual is using a power scooter they should not ride on the scooter in any circumstance.

3. Will you needs hand controls? Please make sure to inquire with our staff, as resources may be limited.  

Wheelchair accessible vehicles, like many rental cars, are in higher demand in peak seasons, so make your reservations early (3 months is great) to ensure we can find a vehicle that fits your needs. HVSU of Oklahoma is ready to help you and your family with your mobility needs, give us a call today!

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