It’s no secret that veterans are VERY important to us, have you seen our customer service van?  We are proud of our country and our military, the American flag wrapped on our van salutes each of you!

Purchasing a wheelchair van or having your vehicle modified for your disabilities is costly. To help our veterans and service members with disabilities, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs offers financial assistance to purchase a new or used vehicle and/or have a vehicle adapted. Handicapped Vehicle Services works closely with the VA in Muskogee (or connect nationally) to help find the very best options.

Eligible service personnel and veterans may receive a one-time grant towards the purchase of an accessible vehicle or assistance in adapting your existing vehicle.

While researching your compensation or choosing an accessible vehicle, we offer hourly, daily and weekly van rentals. Additionally we offer a military discount. This offers you the opportunity to get comfortable transferring, navigating, and understanding your new transportation.

Please contact Saxon Moore (918) 855-8500 for more information or appointment.

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