Many folks believe that an accessible van for persons in a wheelchair simply aren’t in their budget.  Therefor they are left feeling confined to their home.  This month we address affordable options for purchasing a wheelchair accessible van.

We all have imagined the opportunity to drive (or be a passenger) in a shiny new automobile.  The reality is not everyone can do this, particularly when your needs are a vehicle that has been converted for a wheelchair.
There are options and solutions for most individuals and families.

Once your specific needs have been evaluated and your financial status assessed we may move forward in the search.  There are services available that may provide assistance.  For example, are you a veteran? Do you have limited income due to a disability?  Were you injured by someone else’s negligence, which resulted in your disability?  Initially these are questions we will ask. From there we may refer you to one of our financing partners.

Another option is to consider a pre-owned or certified pre-owned wheelchair van.  Handicapped Vehicle Services commits to buying back vans.  This enables us to to keep an inventory of accessible vehicles in stock, at discounted prices.  Those vans may have come from our customers that have chosen to upgrade their van, while others may have had a child in a wheelchair and now, as that child has grown the need for more room is necessary. 

Our pre-owned vans may be viewed online at check back frequently, as sales change the inventory status.  You may also call (918) 855-8500 for more information.  The perfect van may be waiting for you, is AFFORDABLE and you didn’t even know it! 

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