Candy, flowers, stuffed teddy bears, hearts and cards all come to mind when we think about the Valentine’s Day. A specific day just to celebrate LOVE. While it is a festive tradition (and a retailer’s mid winter dream) lets spend a moment thinking about the people that we LOVE for what they do. 

We LOVE those that keep our country safe, we LOVE the people in our community that respond to emergencies and dangerous situations; we LOVE the people that teach our children, we LOVE people that offer to advise or listen and we LOVE the people that care for our loved ones.

Not a day goes by we aren’t grateful for the special man or woman that shows up with a smile to care for a disabled family member. This person shares concerns, provides comfort, encouragement, relief, trust and laughter. If the caregiver is not a family member, they should be treated like an important part of a LOVING situation.

Many times a family will visit our showroom with their caregiver; this way each person can learn about wheelchair accessible vehicles and transportation at the same time.  We witness the LOVE and the close relationships between a caregiver and the person receiving care.  That fills our heart.

Families entrust their LOVED one into the hands of a caregiver, please let these hard working people know how much you value and LOVE them, more than one day a year. Oh, but a heart shape box of candy will make them happy too!

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