What is an Accessible Van?

Accessible minivans, also known as wheelchair vans, lift vans or ramp vans, have been modified to offer unparalleled ease of access for wheelchair and scooter users. The floor has been substantially lowered and the van is equipped with a lightweight ramp for easy entry and exit. A kneeling system lowers the rear suspension, decreasing the slope of the ramp even further when deployed. Both front seats are removable, enabling wheelchair users to drive or ride in the passenger position. Transfer seats are also available to assist the user in transferring from their wheelchair into the driver’s seat.

Accessible minivan manufacturing has come a long way. Today there are multiple vehicle options and configurations to choose from including side entry and rear entry. Let Handicapped Vehicle Services help you find the perfect vehicle for your needs. Our sales staff and technicians are trained and certified to assess your needs and determine what equipment will fit you and your wheelchair. Purchasing your mobility vehicle from Handicapped Vehicle Services will ensure you have the vehicle that fits like a glove and is safe to operate AND at a price you can afford. Call today to schedule your fitting with a mobility expert!

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