Service With A Smile Just Isn’t Enough

Customer service is generally a top priority when researching a business for your specific needs.

Then when you begin to “dig deeper” you want to feel confident that SERVICE is also a part of your buying experience.

We want our customer to know that when they purchase a wheelchair accessible van, wheelchair or scooter lift OR have a conversion to their existing vehicle installed, the SERVICE has been completed by a certified technician.

What if you are in need of a repair? Sure there are the local garages that advertise they can do your work, but they are not familiar with mobility vehicles or how they operate. A family member or friend can search YouTube videos to save a buck, but you are sacrificing safety! Your safety is a part of OUR customer service goals.

Each of our Handicapped Vehicle Services technicians have been factory trained and are certified to install, or repair everything we sell. Entrusting your purchase or repair to a BraunAbility or Bruno technician is important also, to guarantee proper maintenance, service and warranty work. We also offer an accessible courtesy shuttle if your vehicle must be left with our SERVICE department.

We are the largest handicapped accessible vehicle dealer in the Southwest, with more than 25 years’ experience, our customers come back AND send us referrals based on our customer service and dedication to safety. Let us diagnose your vehicle, get a quote, then spend the time to consult with you about your options.

Call our service department today (918) 622-8400. We are the experts that care.

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