Heavy Duty Lifting

Reliant is the perfect wheelchair lift for budget-minded consumers because it offers a low initial and lifetime cost. Its all-steel frame is easy to repair and unlikely to break down thanks to its mechanical simplicity and time-tested design. This mobility product sets the standard for platform lifts and remains the bench-mark in the industry.  Combining the ultimate in reliability and affordability.  Featuring a wide range of platform sizes, the Reliant can accommodate a mobility device up to 51”. Welded all steel frame, a powerful hydraulic pump, and simple electrical system for trouble-free operation. Reliant™ lifts are solid, strong and proven.

Features Of The Reliant Wheelchair Lift Include

  • Proven technology that delivers consistently reliable use
  • Multiple dimension options to provide versatility for individual consumers
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Trim, compact design that allows for more interior space


• Automatic inboard/outboard rollstops
• Quiet, smooth operation
• Welded all-steel frame
• Non-skid platform
• Permanent no-lube bearings at all major pivot points


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